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About Us

There Is More Than One Benefit When Working With Us.

There are many reasons to choose a mortgage broker over your bank. As the leading mortgage brokers in Brisbane, we are committed to providing you with all the after-care service you need, whether you're looking for a new home, refinancing, or an investment property. This means you no longer have to stand in queues at the bank, wait endlessly on hold to get answers about borrowing or purchasing a product and no telemarketers ringing you up trying to upsell you.


A lot of times mortgage brokers have access to home loans at better rates from various banks and loaners. We work harder to deliver competitive interest rates and we work even harder to get the savings to you sooner


You get the convenience of online and phone banking, business and personal transaction accounts, and access to your funds via ATM and EFTPOS. Easy!

Straight Forward

You get the full choice of home loans with all the features you need

You Never Miss Out

We will provide you with yearly home loan checkups in addition to our aftercare service

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Find The Perfect Home Loan

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Brisbane’s Most Trusted Independent Mortgage Brokers

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We help you compare hundreds of loans & find a great home loan that’s right for you

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Figuring out your home loan has never been easier thanks to the experts at Champion Mortgage Brokers.

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You do what you do best and leave finding the best refinancing options to us!

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Home insurance premiums have been going through the roof so its time to look at what your paying and start to shop around.


What Makes Champion Mortgage Brokers
Different To Other Brokers

Our job is to help you find a mortgage that is custom tailored to your specific needs.
As a leading mortgage broker in Brisbane, we have access to over 40 lenders including all the major banks to give you plenty of choices – the way it should be.

MFAA Award Winner

​Winner Of The MFAA Best Mortgage Broker In Queensland 2 Years Running


27 years experience and proudly Australian owned. We care about our clients.

Fast & Free

Our service is completely free and we specialise in fast pre approval.


Unbiased advice from mortgage broker specialists who have your best interest in mind.


We are 100% independent, which is why we can offer the best rates and terms available!

Community Focused

Winner Of Best Community Champion 2020 In Queensland.

Work With The Best

At Champion Mortgage Brokers, we offer a selection of more than 40 home loan lenders. You can be assured, we prioritise finding the best home loan on the market for you. We are a completely independent broker meaning we solely focus on what suits your needs and our services come to you completely free of charge.

    • Refinancing
    • First Home
    • Medical

    There are many refinancing options available, and the benefits of each are unique. Whether you’re looking to reduce your payments or consolidate your debt, we can help. There are a few ways to lower your monthly payment on your finance, including obtaining a lower interest rate or extending the term of your loan. This is usually the primary reason for obtaining a refinance loan.

    • Switch From a Variable Rate
    • Pay Less Per Month
    • Stability
    • Smaller Repayments

    ​We help first home buyers with all aspects of the home loan process. Buying a property is the biggest financial investment most people make in their lifetime which is why the professionals at Champion Mortgage Brokers are so important. In a competitive property market, Government sponsored grants and initiatives, including those related to home loan applications, are the foot in the door that help many, but these grants and schemes come and go, and their eligibility requirements can change.

    • Up To Date Information
    • Higher Chance of Being Accepted
    • First Home Loan Deposit Scheme
    • First Home Super Saver Scheme

    In recent years, banks have been targeting medical professionals for a type of loan not available to the public. We have designed a borrowing package to provide insights from years of experience working with doctors and medical professionals. What are the other benefits of a doctor home loan? ​Apart from 100% waived LMI, our mortgage brokers can help you qualify for the following:

      Special Discounts Exclusive for Medical Professionals include:
    • Reduced Interest Rates
    • Home Loan Fee Waivers
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      Select a plan to start a quote. Or call us at ​​07 3211 8888

        Frequently Asked Questions

        These are our most common questions and answers.

        Turn-around times for pre-approvals vary for each lender from the time of application submission. Verify with your broker the expected time frame for your preferred lender. Providing us with the correct documentation up-front will help achieve a speedy turnaround on your finance.

        Yes, we are also available for virtual meetings that can be conducted with or without video. All you will need is a phone or a computer with internet access. Get in touch to book a suitable time with a broker and we will provide details on the best meeting format for your finance-related discussions. As always, we remain committed to delivering quality service to you and are here to support your finance needs in any way we can.
        Our professional team is available and ready to help, so please don’t hesitate to contact us.

        Before you speak to a broker, it’s important to follow these steps:

        #1 Collect your documents

        – Proof of identity
        – Proof of income and savings
        – Proof of living expenses and other expenditure
        – Evidence of current assets and liabilities.

        #2 Talk with Champion Mortgage Brokers to find out:
        – How much can you borrow
        – How much you require for a deposit
        – How much you can repay each month
        – If you qualify for a government grant or concession.

        #3 Submit pre-approval application with a lender

        – We fill out the forms and do all the work
        – The lender provides confirmation in writing
        – Pre-approval lasts for 3-6 months.

        image of a person signing a contract for a construction loan

        Construction Loans

        Starting From Scratch?

        A construction loan is the type of loan you will need if you are buying from a builder and starting the building process from scratch. When building a new home, you will not need the entire amount of the loan drawn down all at once. As one of the best mortgage brokers we suggest that you would be making interest repayments on the entire amount right from the start and not just on the amount needed at the time. Construction of a dwelling is generally divided into five stages.

        Home Loans

        Leave The Stress To Us.

        Your first appointment with Champion Mortgage Brokers gives you full access to over 100 loan products from different institutions giving you more choices compared to dealing directly with a bank. More choice means that you have a higher chance of getting a home loan at a great low rate and securing a great deal.
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