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Personal Loans and Car Loans

25+ Years of Experience

Personal Loan
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We provide an online loan application service with experienced loan processing staff. We provide access to personal loans, car loans, debt consolidation, leisure equipment, wedding finance, boat loan, holiday loan and asset finance at low interest rates.

Interest Rates

Personal loans are assessed individually and given a credit score that determines the rate.

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Approval Time Frame

Typically 2 business days following full application submission. Loans typically funded within 24 hours.

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Other Conditions

Borrower has to be an Australian Citizen with a regular income. ASIC (NCCP) requirements will be applied such as serviceability calculations and verification of income and assets.

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Loan terms

Loan repayments are usually split across the life (term) of the loan. You can choose a loan term between 3 and 7 years. To reduce how much you pay in interest it is recommended you choose a shorter loan term.

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Unsecured and secured

We have both Secured and Un-secured loans. Secured loans generally have lower rates and are secured against an unencumbered vehicle.

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Our Services

Personal And Car Loans

  • Car Loans At Low Interest Rates
  • ​Hit the road sooner with fast truck finance!

Car Loans At Low Interest Rates

Car loans which are secured by the car itself is known as a 'Secured Loan'. The interest rate will often vary depending on the age of the car, as new cars are regarded as being better security.​ Some lenders have restrictions on the age and/or value of cars that can be financed with a car loan and they are often available only for newer used or new cars. Those who don't qualify for a car loan may be able to use an unsecured personal loan, though this carries a higher interest rate. We can help you organise a secured or unsecured personal loan quickly getting that car sooner!


    ​Hit the road sooner with fast truck finance!

    ​Whether you’re a tradie looking for a work ute, or a truckie financing an entire fleet, our fast truck finance solutions will get you on the road sooner. We can help you with: Access to more than 20 lenders. Finance for new, used or ex-lease vehicles. Secured finance options. Competitive rates and terms. Flexible residuals for lower repayments. Repayment structuring to suit your cash-flow. Tax effective options – we’ll work with your accountant. A choice of end of contract options – return, extend, purchase and own. Get your funds in as little as two business days* We’ll work with our specialist lenders to create a suitable finance solution to fit your specific business needs and objectives. Our aim is to make the truck you want more affordable and to get the funds into your hands, so you can buy it quickly.

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