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Refinancing Home Loans

The Benefits Of Refinancing With Champion Mortgage Brokers

You do what you do best and leave finding the best refinancing options to us!

The Benefits Or Refinancing

The benefits of refinancing your mortgage can vary depending on your situation and financial goals. Generally, refinancing opens doors to many opportunities, such as:
– Better mortgage rates
– Lower monthly repayments
– Shorter loan terms
– Fixed-rate options
– Debt consolidation

Is Refinancing Right For You?

I can help you make an informed decision by helping you to set goals and review loan options that align to your needs.

Aside from having access to various loans from Australia’s leading lenders, I have access to a range of exclusive, flexible, and competitive loan solutions. Through this, I can work with you to find a loan tailored to your circumstance.

To learn more about refinancing, get in touch with me today!

Looking For The Perfect Home Loan?

Getting Started With Refinancing

Consolidating debt

Refinancing can be useful in keeping your debt manageable by replacing a number of high-interest loans (such as credit card debt) with a single, lower-interest loan. You can take the cash that you gain from taping the equity in your house and paying off any kind of debt that you might have. Most people will try to pay off high-interest, forms of debt such as credit cards or car loans.

​There are many refinancing options available, and the benefits of each are unique. Whether you’re looking to reduce your payments or consolidate your debt, we can help.

Lowering your monthly payment

There are a few ways to lower your monthly payment, including obtaining a lower interest rate or extending the term of your loan. This is usually the primary reason for obtaining a refinance loan. Whether you’re looking to switch from a variable rate to a fixed rate loan or looking to pay less per month a refinance loan can help provide more stability and smaller repayments.

Getting Cash out of the Equity

Many people would like to take advantage of the equity they have built up in their homes. When refinancing, it is possible to accomplish that while still reducing your monthly payments. Accessing the equity in your home is a great way to make some improvements in your life whether that be paying for university, renovating, putting in a pool or even starting a business. For most people their homes are their greatest sources of wealth, so using that to its full advantage can make a big difference.

Now Is a Great Time To Review Your Home Loan.

As we continue to ride the roller-coaster of Covid, we understand your situation may change during these uncertain times. For this reason, it’s a good time to review your home loan and potentially leverage opportunities available to ensure you have the right loan to suit your needs.
While some things are uncertain, what we do know is interest rates are currently at an all-time low, which also presents opportunities. So with this in mind, it could be the perfect time to consider a fixed rate home loan, which allows you to lock in the an interest rate for up to 5 years (depending on the lender)

To find out more and whether a fixed rate home loan will suit your financial needs, give me a call to discuss your options on 07 3211 8888

Find the perfect home loan for you.